Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trip to Oregon- Christmas Day

Opening presents on Christmas morning.

This kid LOVES her quilt!

This is what we drove home in after Christmas! Yikes! The snow banks on either side of us were higher than the car!

Reggie enjoyed a little R&R at the local animal hospital while we were on vacation. That is her goofy shaved tummy after her kitty-surgery. Dumb cat! :)

Audrey enjoyed a very Dora Christmas! She loves Dora, and has really enjoyed all of her presents that she got for Christmas. Thanks everyone!

Trip to Oregon- Christmas Eve

Oops, I guess I put the pictures in backwards again. Oh well. Above is everyone watching everyone else open presents on Christmas Eve.

I was pretty pumped to get a JUMBO box of rice krispy treats! I've only got about 5 left...I am rationing them out so they last longer! :)

Tyler was also pretty excited about all of the Oregon gear that he got for Christmas. His parents got him this hat, and he also got some T-shirts from his sister Rachel. Lucky duck!

This is Brian, the babies and myself enjoying a HILARIOUS joke. Hilarious.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Trip to Oregon- Science Works

When we got to Oregon, we took the kids to a hands-on science museum called Science Works. They had science experiments and crafts for all ages! We all had a blast.

Here is Jake and Kate playing in the bubble room.

A.J. is extra cool because he came up with this cool trick! Way to go, A.J.!

Audrey and Ian thought the plexiglass magnets were fun too.