Thursday, August 26, 2010

So, our camera stopped working, so I haven't taken any pictures for months. That is my excuse. But, here are some new pictures of Audrey taken with my mom's camera. Audrey is seven months old now, by the way.

Loving being outside in her cute dress that her Grandma Bluth bought her.


surfing with Dad!

She got hold of a chips ahoy cookie, and was so proud of herself for finding it, that I had to let her have it. You can kind of tell by her eyes, but she was grinning from ear to ear with the cookie in her mouth. She already knows the good stuff!

So proud of herself! I had to clean chocolate off of me, her, the carpet and the (white!) couch, but it was totally worth it.

Here is Audrey enjoying the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder that Natalie gave to us! It has been a life saver for sure. Audrey is a girl that likes to "do it herself" already, so any chance I have to let her feed herself is a good thing.

In this meal I chopped up some strawberries and bananas and mixed it up with a little crushed ice. Audrey really likes popsicles (surprise? I think not.) so I can easily trick her into thinking that it is a popsicle if I just add ice to the mix.