Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our little thief!

I have had a few people ask how Reggie is reacting to having the baby around. I'll tell you-she has turned into a thief! She thinks that all of the baby's things should belong to her, and i've snapped a couple pictures of Reggie caught in the act. Enjoy!

Reggie has stolen Audrey's socks so many times that we finally just gave her a pair to play with. It is her new favorite toy!

I've caught her sleeping on the changing table many times!

Asleep on a receiving blanket.

Poking around in one of her open drawers! I can't even do the laundry without her getting in the way! :)

She used to try to sleep in the crib, but she eventually stopped after I kicked her out about a dozen times. I don't know why she got in it this time!

I caught her grooming Audrey this morning and happened to have my camera in hand. Don't worry, I washed Audrey's head afterward! At least they are friends, and I don't have to worry about Reggie hurting the baby. Ha ha!

This is the result of them being such good friends-Reggie is quite the motivator for Audrey! She practices smiling at the cat, and the cat is an excellent push up motivator! Audrey just can't get enough of looking and smiling at the cat.

So in answer to everyone's question, Audrey and Reggie are getting along famously. We sure love both of them!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our cat is a dog.

This is a video of Reggie playing fetch with a pair of Audrey's socks. My favorite part is the very end where she can't contain her excitement and jumps in a circle.