Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun with cousins!

We had so much fun with Naomi, Brooklyn and Lily when they came out to Utah last month. We went to the aquarium.
We also went to the Discovery Center at the Gateway mall in SLC. It was double the fun when Natalie brought Wes and Sydney too! All of Audrey's Hanks cousins were there. Also, I don't know how to rotate the pictures. Look at it sideways, I guess. Lily is pushing Audrey around in a doll stroller.
These magnetic gears were really cool.

We tried (and failed) to get the kids to sit down and look at the camera at the same time!
Audrey worshiped Brooklyn the whole week, and thought that her "big kid" bed was the bomb-diggity.

We had so much fun.


I forgot that these pictures come in backwards, so you can see Easter backwards! Here is Tyler and Audrey hunting for Easter eggs at the Columbia Heights ward annual Easter egg hunt.
Audrey had a great time filling up her basket and dumping it out again.
Here we are, ready to hunt!
Here was the haul on Saturday, when we all opened our Easter baskets!

We had so much fun with Naomi and her kiddos. Here she is with Brooklyn dying Easter eggs.