Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Fun! Part 2

I had a birthday. We ate cupcakes. I turned 23.

I ran a race. Audrey and Tyler cheered me on.

Audrey loves her cowgirl hat, and her Grandpa. (after a few days at least)

This would probably have to qualify as Audrey's "Best. Day. Ever." She got pulled out of bed by her Dad, got to wear her hat, watch Dora and eat a chocolate popsicle. Lucky girl!

Maybe sometime someone will show me how to format these dumb blog posts!

Summer Fun! Part 1

We did so many fun things this summer! We went to the Tauphaus Park Zoo a LOT. Audrey enjoys petting the animals in the petting zoo. Especially the incredibly docile goats!

Here Audrey is ready to hit the beach! Or the kiddie pool. Same thing, right? She loves sunglasses. ( Or as she calls them "Dassees")

We always have fun at the Melaleuca picnic. They have all sorts of goodies like cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and soda. They feed you a catered lunch, have some awesome prize drawings, and have a huge carnival. We did the bouncy houses, pony rides, ferris wheel and the giant blow-up slide. The best part about the picnic is that everything is totally free! Have I mentioned lately how much I love Tyler's company?

On our camp chair at the picnic, enjoying the music, shade and cotton candy. I think Audrey and I ate our weight in cotton candy. Which is hard to do, since cotton candy is so light!

This is part 1 of I don't know how many parts. I'll try to catch up the summer as best that I can!